An upset Dina Saruyama

Dina Is Not a Child

From Dumbing of Age.

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Community Study Room

Community Study Room

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Abed trace sketch from the Community finale

Community: Abed from Finale Sketch

“And it needs to be okay for it to get on a boat with LeVar Burton and never come back. Because eventually it all will.”

A trace sketch. I just wanted to dwell on his face in this moment.

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Natasha Romanoff for the Pose + Palette Meme

Natasha for Pose and Palette Meme

Natasha Romanoff for the pose + palette challenge (seizure warning, flashing gifs).

Didn’t end up with the most exciting pose, but that palette was fun! I’m trying to get more adventurous with colour, but even so here I assumed it’s okay to make the color lighter or darker in places. I also used black and white in the eyes. I’m… not very good at getting more adventurous with colour.

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Hannah for Ruby

Ruby suggested a redhead in a galaxy dress. I couldn’t quite stop there.

Hannah Summer Hannah

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Quick draw: Imperator Furiosa

Everybody is drawing her, and I can see why. I wasn’t going to…

Imperator Furiosa (quick pic)

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