Natasha Romanoff for the Pose + Palette Meme

Natasha for Pose and Palette Meme

Natasha Romanoff for the pose + palette challenge (seizure warning, flashing gifs).

Didn’t end up with the most exciting pose, but that palette was fun! I’m trying to get more adventurous with colour, but even so here I assumed it’s okay to make the color lighter or darker in places. I also used black and white in the eyes. I’m… not very good at getting more adventurous with colour.

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Congratulations, Agent Carter and Galavant!

Congratulations Agent Carter and Galavant

Posting it here a little late since the news have been out for a while, but I’m excited! These were my two favourite new shows last television-year.

Hold on to your hats, I’ve just queued some posts. 😀 This blog will now update more than once a month!