Photography and Licensing

Wall, Stockholm Feb 2010 Eiffel Tower Slippers

I have been busy posting a lot of photography on my new photography Tumblr. Go have a look if you like lovingly photographed cityscapes, flora and fauna!

I’ve become a little doubtful of Creative Commons’ terms of licencing, but as a general rule, if you want to use my photos in your artwork and sell that artwork, I am all right with that. I’m also all right with copying and displaying my photos as they are for free. What I would not be okay with is copying the work as-is and putting it on a print-on-demand site like Zazzle or printing it as a poster to sell — in other words, making money of it without adding value to it with your own creative contribution.

If you want to be legal, fair and square, about the use of my photos, please contact me and we’ll discuss particular uses of individual photos. It’s laborious, I know, but better that way than there be any confusion about the legality of the way you’d like to use my work.

The same, more or less, goes for my artwork, except that you should always credit me if you distribute my artwork, and you may not use them for commercial purposes, even modified. If you want to, contact me and we’ll discuss it.

I should add that pictures with people in them are not necessarily ones I can grant you right to use, since recognizable people photographed on the street have special protections in different countries. Morally, I think the model should agree to the use of the pic in those cases.