Angelica Boulcott AKA Adamantine

Angelica Boulcott wasn’t always a hero, even a conflicted one. At sixteen, Angelica was running with the Fast Fingers, a teen gang that had aspirations of supervillainy. It was at that age that she ran into conflict with the gang leader. It didn’t end well for either party.

With the events that followed – her discovery of her superpower, which is the ability to regenerate wounds, and the revolt of the Pit People, her part in which left her a hero of the people – Angelica had a rethink about the whole villainy business. She decided that what she really wanted was to defend justice, and be badass. She declined registration in the register of the genetically superior as well as membership in the International Alliance of Superheroes. Now Angelica does whatever the hell she wants. Which is help people. Most of the time.

This is my entry for the Fat Female Superhero Contest!

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