My Little Pink & White Pony

A 15 cm tall (not counting the ears) pink, blue-eyed, white-maned felt pony in the style of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She has no cutie mark.

Her legs are stitched together with a few stitches to let her stand tall, the front legs by hooves and the back legs at the thighs. Her mane (but not her tail) can be pulled out, so she’s more for decoration or for adults than children – at least unless the kids’ parents are willing to replace the hair every now and then!

The pattern is a modification by Meliadhor of a deer pattern from Palmsize Softies, published online by Craftside. Meliadhor designed it for leather, Palmsize Softies for cotton or any such fabric materials, but it’s not too bad in felt, either!

Links to the pattern: PonyFawn

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