My Little Flame Pony

A black pony with copious red-range hair, yellow-orange eyes and a cutie mark in the shape of a flame. She is about 12 cm tall.

I wanted to make a cloth plushie pony to fit the season – Halloween and Samhain – without making it an outright Halloween pony. This pony was also my first experiment with modifying Meliadhor’s pattern for a shorter-legged pony with more of a horse-like nose. She also ended up with enormous amounts of mane!

She has felt ears and felt hooves, a felt cutie mark on one side only, and felt eyes. Her hair is unravelled yarn and her body is black cotton. She is stuffed with polyester fibre fill and her back legs are joined with a couple of stitches, easy to undo, to give her a taller stance.

The pattern is modified from one by Meliadhor. No offense to Hasbro.

Links to the pattern: PonyFawn

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